52 Week Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge -Join the Weekly Challenge

Do you have a difficult time saving money? Who doesn't, right? Actually, a lot people have a difficult time with feeding the pig. The struggle is real. And … [Read More...]

Michigan Life

17 Haunted Places In Michigan

Looking for things to do in Michigan for October? Have some scary fun with 17 Haunted Places to check out in Michigan! It's hard to believe we're in … [Read More]


Money Matters Tips & Lessons To Learn About Your Money

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a financial workshop in downtown Detroit. I posted about this FREE Money Matters happening in Detroit recently on … [Read More]

Meijer Deals

Store Deals: Kmart, Kroger, Fresh Thyme, Target & more!

Kroger: Bush’s Chili Beans for as low as FREE!!

Kroger: Bush's Chili Beans for as low as FREE!! Also be sure that you're in our Kroger Michigan only facebook group for the latest deals and … [Read More]