Endorse- Another Coupon App (Like Ibotta)= Earn Cash Back!


Are you ready for another coupon App?? Some of may already have it, but this is another GREAT one to sign up for!!

Here’s a little bit about Endorse!

How Endorse Works

Endorse gives you cash back for your grocery store purchases, just like Ibotta does. It works in much the same way. Before you go shopping, check the app to see what items Endorse is currently offering cash back for. Buy the items. When you get back home, take a picture of your store receipt with your smartphone or tablet and upload it to Endorse. They will review your receipt and give you the cash back for what you bought.

How It’s Different From Ibotta

Unlike Ibotta, there isn’t a set dollar amount that you will receive back for each item you buy. Instead, Endorse offers you a cash back percentage, so the amount you get will vary depending on how much the item cost when you bought it. Another thing that’s different is the stores that are supported. If you’ve used Ibotta, then you know that there are only certain stores you can use although it is a good list. Endorse will accept receipts from just about any store as long as your receipt proves you bought the item.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Your receipt has to be in good shape. Make sure you don’t tear it or wrinkle it up on your way home. If Endorse can’t read the receipt, they can’t give you your credit. Also, the receipt cannot be older than seven days so be sure to upload it before time runs out.

How Payment Works

Endorse pays with either Paypal or a paper check. You can cash out your Paypal money at any time. There does not appear to be a minimum cash out threshold. But if you opt to get a check mailed to you, Endorse won’t send it until you’ve accumulated $25.


So are you ready to earn even MORE cash back on those purchases you were already planning on buying?? If so, then sign up today!

Here’s an example of one you can currently score:

Target has SoBe Lifewater on sale this week for $1.00 each. When you buy 10 you get a $5 Target Gift card making them .50 cents each after that purchase.

There is currently an offer on Endorse for SoBe Life Water for 20% cash back. So if you buy $10, you will make $2.00 back! The deal would look like this:

Buy 10 Sobe Life Water at Target for $1.00 each

Pay $10, Receive $5 Gift Card

upload your receipt w/ Endorse and get $2 back

Final cost= .30 cents each!! That is a super HOT deal!!

And if you haven’t sign up for Ibotta (learn more about it here), go ahead and sign up and earn cash back from that app as well!

Thanks Kristina and Extra Cash!

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