Buy These 12 Game Day Essentials At Meijer And Save Money

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When it’s time to prep for the big game, heading to Meijer to get all of my essentials is on the top of my list. Find out everything you need to buy before the game day down below.

Buy These 12 Game Day Essentials At Meijer And Save Money

Buy These 12 Game Day Essentials At Meijer And Save Money

Game days at our house brings out a ton of smack talk, great food, and of course, spending time together as a family watching our favorite teams. As the boys get older, they each have their favorite sport and team they love watching. Living in the Big 10 country, we also have rivalry games we watch together, which is quite interesting. Everyone is yelling at the T.V., and talking smack! It’s so much fun!

However, before we can do all of that, we have to make our list and grab all of the essentials. Derrick and I put together a list of essentials you need before the big game, which you can find at your local Meijer store!

Game Day items You Need from Meijer

Hygiene. This may be something you don’t think about it when it comes to stocking up on game day essentials. But yes, you don’t want to be putting your hands up in the air, waving them like you just don’t care, when everyone else around you cares! {lol}

Stock up on game day essentials at Meijer

Stock up on hygiene essentials with Unilever’s Men’s Grooming products. My guys love using Dove Men + Care Body Wash and Axe Deodorant, Dry Spray, and Body Wash! These products are great for men, with a variety of options. You could do a no fuss, no muss type of clean from Suave, a superior protection from Degree, a signature scent if he likes AXE, or select a gentle skin care, that smells manly from Dove Men + Care.

Either way, he can’t go wrong, and will be ready for game day!

Game Day Essentials from Meijer

Plus there is a mPerk offer to clip to help you save money!

mPerk offer: Save $3 when you buy any three Unilever Men’s Grooming Products (valid 10/8-11/4)

This is a mPerk reward offer that you will get when you buy (3) Unilever Men’s Grooming Products (Dove Men + Care, AXE, Degree for Men, Suave for Men or Vaseline for Men). So be sure to head over to your mPerk account to clip the offer now!



Game Day items You Need from Meijer

Grab a T.V.  Another gameday essential is having a T.V. to watch the game. You can use your iPad, phone, or computer, but it’s not the same. Experiencing the game on the big screen, preferably in HD, is going to be better. Plus, you can always find great deals on televisions at Meijer.

Game Day items You Need from Meijer


Snacks. Don’t forget to grab your favorite snacks and enough party favorites for your guests. When we plan game day parties, having a lot of finger food and snacks is the best way to serve people. It’s quick to put together, and it is usually easier to clean up!


Game Day items You Need from Meijer


Beverages. You can also stock up on pop (or soda), juice, water, and other beverages you may want to serve for the game day watching party.

Game Day items You Need from Meijer


Meat/food. What do you plan to serve for your game day party? I always find great deals on Meijer meats, plus other food I need for the appetizers. You can find some great ideas for appetizers below.

Game Day items You Need from Meijer


Other items you may want to grab:

  • Bean bags or folding chairs
  • Extra folding table (if you’re hosting a party)
  • Paper products (because no one is going to want to do the dishes)
  • Crockpot or Instant Pot (this is perfect for cooking your meatballs or other appetizers)
  • Gear- Come ready wearing your favorite jersey or team t-shirt. Some people are diehard fans where they dress head to toe, wearing their favorite player’s number or team. Depending on your region, Meijer carries a lot of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and other athletic gear.
  • Serving dishes.
  • Storage containers for leftovers.

Also coming with a great attitude, pumped and ready for the game is important! And, if your team wins, be a gracious loser (and winner!).

Meijer is the one-stop place to go to load up on your game day essentials for the guys and YOU! I love watching football and basketball (even when I don’t understand all the technical jargon), it’s something fun I can do with my guys.

How do you get ready for game day? Drop me a line below and let me know. And be sure you clip the mPerk offer before shopping this week!

Get ready for game day with these 12 essentials! Are you planning a game day watching party or tailgating? Make sure you have all the supplies you need with our game day essential  list! 12 Essentials Needed for Game Day

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