Kurio 7- $150! Or 3 Payments Of $49.99! Comparison of Android Tablets!

As I’m sitting here watching the oodles of commercials which brought on the constant pestering of my 7 year old asking, “Can I get that”– a commercial popped for a Kurio 7. So I decided to check out the website!

Welcome to the Official Kurio Tablet E-Commerce Site

So here is a little bit about this tablet–


  • It has parental controls (great feature)
  • 25 full verision games, apps and activities for FREE
  • Protective Bumper (always nice when they fall on the ground!!)
  • Includes an accessory pack
  • It’s only $150 plus shipping/handling (FREE shipping if you buy it in 1 payment)
  • option to split up this purchase into three payments of $49.99
  • Has 2 cameras
  • Parents can use the Tablet w/out the parental controls ( cool!)


  • It’s not the iPad (sorry I am somewhat brand loyal ) lol and because we already have apple products I already have many of these apps and would not want to have deal w/ the hassle about going to a different machine
  • Sometimes w/ the price, you get what you pay for—however
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for shipping (so you may not get it in time for Christmas)

I went to dig up some reviews if you want to look more into this brand!

Here is one w/ favorable reviews from wired.com. But on the opposite end, it received poor reviews  which you can check out here!

If you’re still stumped, here is a list of the top android tablets for kids! It appears that the Nabi 2 and the Kindle Fire is holding out to be the best family and kid friendly of the android tablets!



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