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If you like to play online games, especially bingo, you will love

Luckity is a website that is not only fun, but the only legal cash prize winning site in the US for bingo. So you can play knowing that it is safe and secure. Luckity works by having a player open a secure account and then buying games of bingo in the form of bingo packs by depositing money into their account. The exciting part is the bingo card numbers are picked by winners of real horse races that are happening daily around the globe.  It’s almost as if you are playing bingo and betting on horses at the same time!

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Not only do you get to play your games, but there are weekly prizes as well as games that are played in chat. You can win real money on Luckity.

There is another fun way to win money and that is the Clover Bingo Cards where you get a chance to also win clovers which give you entries into the weekly cash prizes!

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Signing up to play on Luckity is easy, fast and secure. Plus, you can get bonus funds for playing on the site just for signing up using this unique code.

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What bonus’ can you get? You can get $15 in free play when you deposit $10 or more in your account and play it.  You can even keep any winnings you make off your $15 bonus, so you have a chance to win free money just for trying out Luckity.  Why stop there? How about giving $25 a shot and getting an extra $15 for a total of $40? Are you feeling lucky?


As an added bonus, readers of A Mitten Full of Savings will also be entered to win the $100 weekly bonus. What are you waiting for? You could walk away a big winner and at the very least, have fun! Luckity gives you an opportunity to play and know that you are on a safe, secure and most importantly, legal adult gaming site. Try your luck and sign up, and remember, you get $15 in free play when you deposit $10 or more and play it for a limited time!

Readers of A Mitten Full Of Savings should use this code: uaa43  when registering for your account and to obtain access to the exclusive benefits listed above!

So head over and start feeling lucky with!


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  1. I’ve never heard of this before! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. My mom loves BINGO. She plays every Friday night. :) Great site.

  3. Interesting site. Maybe a good choice for taking a break from work!

  4. Ohh FUN! I kinda sorta love Bingo 😀

  5. Sounds like fun..I need to check it out!

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