Meijer Alert- Stores Will Stop Doubling Coupons!

meijer stop doublinng

updated 3/3 @ 552 pm- this is what I have seen on Meijer’s Facebook regarding the changes. Again nothing official.. but

In response to facebook wall comments-

Meijer Charla – In an effort to keep our everyday prices as low as possible, we will no longer double coupons in select stores, starting March 30. However, we will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons – which you can sign up for at”

Meijer We are eliminating double coupons in our Battle Creek, Lansing, Ft. Wayne and South Bend Markets. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers.

That is what Meijer wrote on their facebook page, however it has been reported that readers have spotted signs or warned by cashiers that it is at their store as well:
so far the stores have been:
  • Mason
  • Jackson Airport Meijer
  • Bath Meijer
  • Ann Arbor
  • Waterford
  • DeWitt
  • Lansing Area Stores

This is a day that I had an inkling would eventually come. It has been reported that readers have spotted signs in Meijer stores that have stated they will no longer double coupons effective March 30th, 2013.

From discussing this in our FB group, signs have been spotted in Mason Meijer and Jackson Meijer so far…….. (other areas noted Ann Arbor & Waterford Areas).

Reader Nick just returned from Bath Meijer and the cashier showed him the memo that states they will stop doubling effective 3/30/13!

When Kroger announced last month they would stop doubling coupons at select stores, I had a  feeling that this would be the start of the end of living in the land of doubles. (So far I have not heard anything the Krogers stores in our area stopping the doubling policy)

While many other states and even cities right here in Michigan have done without doubling coupons and can still save, we will do the same!

This is a HUGE shock and I hate to the bearer of bad news.

However… we will still find ways to save.

  • Meal Planning is going to become even MORE important if you don’t do it. I haven’t really shared mines in the past, but I will start now especially with these changes.
  • You will still be able to double at stores like Kroger.
  • Target will still have their coupon policy where you can stack Target coupons with mf coupons.
  • Using the drugstores like CVS and Walgreens that offer loyalty programs and allow you to stack coupons as well.
  • If you have a Kmart near you, they double up to .99 cents every day of the week. (However you have to spend at least $25)
  • If you have a Polly’s near you, they double the first coupon
  • ALSO if Meijer keeps their policy where you are allowed to use other store coupons (like Target, Walgreens) then you will be able to stack that with mf coupons and STILL save!
  • It will also be really important to start looking for those HIGHER value coupons. Be sure to sign up for savings club, where you get higher value coupons.

NOTHING has been reported from the corporate office of the stop to doubling coupons. I am really disappointed that shoppers have to find this shock out when they go INTO the store and shop! Meijer is already off to a bad start with this idea.

We will brace ourselves for this big change and work together to continue to find better ways to save money!

However a rant that I always bring up whenever I hear news like this….

  • Coupon Fraud is HUGE! Use the coupons from what they are intended for! Period!
  • Extreme Couponing with TLC has moved several stores to run the other direction because of the all fraud and illegitimate activities that happened on that show.
  • Again coupon fraud….

I know this news is going to take a while to sink in and I know MANY of you, including myself depended on the doubling policy at Meijer to help save even more on those weekly grocery deals! However, I am not going anywhere and I plan to continue to use coupons and find better ways to save! So we’ll do it together :)

**As soon as I hear something official from Meijer, I will post it!

What are your thoughts??  Have you spotted this sign in your area?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    I knew this day would come. I just hope that manufacturers will offer higher value coupons.

    I will still coupon, I will still find ways to save money.

  2. Suzanne says:

    It looks like Dewitt may not be included. How can we find out whether they will stop doubling?

    • Tatanisha says:

      Unfortunately DeWitt just got added @ Susan :(

      Right now, nothing has been given out Meijer’s official website to say for sure. It’s just readers reporting what they are seeing at their stores. However cashiers have Memos and some have it posted to their registers already!


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