Summer Bucket List for Broke People

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Get ideas on what to do this summer when you’re broke! Download a free summer bucket list printable down below- Summer Bucket List for Broke People

Get a free printable for Summer Bucket List for Broke People. Get tips on things to do during the summer on a budget!

Summer Bucket List for Broke People

It’s easy to want to spend money during the summer months on vacations, outdoor activities, weekends away, and more. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s important to stick to that budget even in the summer fun season! But, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer! I’ve created a bucket list for frugal people on a budget, or just want to save money! As much as we love to travel and go, I’m also all about finding free and cheap things to do with my family! Take a look at the list I’ve put together, and be sure to download the printable version of it to use this summer!

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Get a free printable for Summer Bucket List for Broke People. Get tips on things to do during the summer on a budget!


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  1. Have a make your own dinner night. Raid your fridge and make whatever you have available. Turn it up a notch by making it into a competition. Have each child (or adult) come up with a meal based on whatever you have in the fridge.
  2. Visit your local zoo. Most zoos have a free day or a $1.00 day. Here in Lansing, the Potter Park Zoo participates in Zoo days.
  3. Look for local splash pads for the kids. These are usually FREE or a few bucks.
  4. Same for your local museums. Many museums have free days for their members, or if you carry a particular bank card, they offer free days in the Chicago area.
  5. Pull out the board games and have a game day with the family.
  6. Binge watch movies and new TV shows on many of the streaming services.
  7. Spend time with your best friend by giving each other a makeover. There are enough videos on YouTube for you both to watch and come with a stylish look. Or, have a total blast with it and do a vintage, retro look. Either way, it will be fun and time to bond with each other.
  8. Swap clothes with friends. Everyone loves to have a new wardrobe, but that can get expensive. Raid each other’s closets, and take their cutest summer outfits. If you’re like my best friends, you will never see those outfits again! LOL, My friends do not return items!
  9. Make your own syrup!
  10. Have an adult game night with your friends. If you don’t have the board game Cards Against Humanity, be sure to add it to your list.
  11. The kids can go to Apple Camp for FREE!
  12. Save on GAS! (up to .25 cents off per gallon). Learn more here.
  13. Change it up! Take a new route to work. A change of scenery will help you come up with new ideas, and even see life in a different perspective.
  14. Visit your local library. When’s the last time you stepped inside the public library? Head there and grab a few new books to read.
  15. Learn how to coupon. This is a great way to save money!
  16. Have a neighborhood parade with decorated bikes and wagons.
  17. Geocaching. This is something on our family bucket list this summer. This is a fun idea for the whole family, a date night idea, or just by yourself. Go on a real live treasure hunt. Do a quick google search to see where to start in your town/city.
  18. People watch. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love just to sit and watch people. People are interesting and complex. Head to the beach, train station, mall, Walmart, park, and other popular places where people migrate. Enjoy!
  19. Write your future self a letter. Talk about where you are right now in life and what goals you want to accomplish. Be sure to put it somewhere where you will find it in about five years.
  20. Set up a hot dog bar to enjoy one night for dinner.
  21. See a movie for FREE (or super cheap!) Our movie theaters have kid movies for $2 bucks in the summer and $5 bucks on Tuesday nights. Find your movie theater and see what days/nights they are offering cheap movie nights. This is a great way to see the new movies without paying an arm and a leg. No, seriously, it really cost that much to see a movie! (for a family of five we could easily spend about $75 bucks). Get tips on seeing movies cheap here.
  22. Volunteer. Head to your local shelter and help serve dinner one night. Stop by your animal shelter and volunteer some of your time. Sign up to bring a meal to a Senior Citizen with Meals on Wheels.
  23. Do ten random acts of kindness!
  24. Learn how to save money by reading my frugal tips on  60 ways to save money!
  25. Hang twinkle lights in the backyard, turn on the music, and enjoy a backyard dance. {Get ideas on outdoor entertainment from our last party!}
  26. Give each kid $5 and go thrifting. See who can score the coolest or most valuable find.
  27. Go camping in your backyard. My youngest son loved doing this when he bought his first tent.
  28. Head to your local’s Farmer’s Market. Not only will you find fresh produce, but at very reasonable prices.
  29. Buy a pack of postcards at the dollar store and write some of your friends. I bet they will be surprised to get something in the mail! Remember when we used to love getting emails, and loathed all the mail? I would love to get a letter in the mail from a friend!
  30. Get more summer bucket list ideas for couples- 27 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples
  31. Plan a camping trip. Read some of my tips on camping hacks to help you plan.
  32. Go vintage shopping. This is something I have started to do, and it’s a lot of FUN! Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it’s fun to look at all of the beautiful, timeless pieces.
  33. Have a yard sale. Make some money by getting rid of the junk, I mean, stuff around your house. You will be surprised how much you can get rid of and make some serious CASH!
  34. Watch movies at the park. Many towns and cities participate in free movies at the park. For the Mid-Michigan area, you can find the list of Lansing movies in the park here.
  35. Get a massage. You can find really great deals on Groupon for massages for a fraction of the price!
  36. Watch a local fireworks show. Many places have fireworks shows every weekend during the summer months. This is a great date night idea too!
  37. Choose a local or state park and plan a hike for it.
  38. Visit a state park. Find which National or State parks are in your area, and plan a trip. When I renew my car tags each year, I add the extra few bucks to get into my State parks for free.
  39. Take the kids on a tour of your local fire station.
  40. Attend make and take clinics at your local craft stores. Kids can enjoy making all sorts of craft items usually for free; you just have to RSVP.
  41. Call your local city offices to find out when free events such as festivals, markets, fireworks shows, concerts, art demos, and more are offered. {If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area, go HERE for a list of events going on}
  42. Visit a local vineyard for wine tasting. {great date night idea or night out with friends!}
  43. Go stargazing together with your significant other! Grab the blankets, spray yourself with bug spray and snuggle in the backyard looking up at the stars and talking about what you would wish if you could really wish upon a star.
  44. Dig out all of the water guns (or head to Walmart to buy a few more!). Have a water fight. If you don’t have guns, you can always use balloons.
  45. Get more ideas on my 102 Summer Bucket List Ideas
  46. Attend an outdoor concert or play. {If you are in the Mid-Michigan, you can find a list of FREE concerts to check out!}
  47. Make your own deodorant.
  48. Have a picnic at your local park. Let the kids plan the menu and take outdoor games with you.
  49. Let your kids participate in local camps (usually hosted by churches in the area called vacation bible school).
  50. Spend the day at the beach. Living in Michigan, we are fortunate enough to have Lake Michigan just an hour away!
  51. Kids can bowl free during the summer.
  52. Kids can also skate free during the summer.
  53. Sign up for the free summer reading program at Barnes and Noble and earn a free book.
  54. Are you located in Michigan? If so, I have another 100 +++ Summer activities you should add to your bucket list.
  55. Have Date Nights in the backyard. We recently checked this item off our summer bucket list. We created a fun date night in the backyard with sweet treats and soda. You can check it out here.
  56. Find a Drive-In Theater or find a theater that still plays old movies.
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  59. And last by not least, be sure to get more ideas on what to do before summer is over- 101 Things to Do Before Summer is Over

Get a free printable for Summer Bucket List for Broke People. Get tips on things to do during the summer on a budget!

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Download this FREE printable: Summer Bucket List for Broke People 

Get a free printable for Summer Bucket List for Broke People. Get tips on things to do during the summer on a budget!


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