Need to Save Money? Avoid These 10 Money Mistakes

 Money mistakes have happened to all of us at one point. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make thinking they are saving money when in fact they are spending more than they are saving. Need to Save Money? Avoid These 10 Money … [Read more...]

Real Ways To Save Money When You Buy Glasses

If you are like me, then being nearsighted means you have to buy glasses all too often.  Even if yours are in good condition still, you may find that your prescription has changed and you are forced to update.  While many frames allow you to simply … [Read more...]

What To Buy In April

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Sam’s Club Membership Deals {$25 Gift Card}

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10 Ways To Make Cash Today

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20 Instant Pot Recipes

Save time and money with our budget-friendly instant pot recipe ideas for under $100.00 These easy slow cooker recipes converted into instant pot recipes will help you save time on meal prep and money! These prices are based on Meijer supermarket. … [Read more...]

2016 Holiday Gift Card Bonus Offers for Restaurants & Retailers

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Best Apps For Black Friday Shopping

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Money Matters Tips & Lessons To Learn About Your Money

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Detroit: FREE Money Matters Workshop Event

Here on AMFOS we love to talk about ways to save money and share frugal tips. Like many of you, I had to learn how to save money and be frugal the hard way. Growing up, money matters wasn't a huge priority in our household. My Father was a saver, and … [Read more...]

Realistic Ways To Make Budget Travel Fun For Your Family

We love traveling and taking quick getaways together as a family. We get asked a lot about how we pay for all of our travels and budget-traveling.  We believe that budget travel has in fact been some of the most fun we've had as a family and are … [Read more...]