About Me


First, thank you for finding me- Welcome!

I’m Tatanisha, the “face” and owner of A Mitten Full Of Savings. I play Mom most days to three adorable boys- twins (age 12.5), and what I think is a regular 9-year old boy. You can read more about them by visiting my personal blog (awortheyread). Our twins are both on the Autism Spectrum and I “try” to blog about our journey. Although it requires a great deal in term of patience and more patience when raising special needs children, it also teaches you much more about yourself and your capacity to love another unconditionally.

The Worthey Family

I am married to a handsome and AWESOME chef! He does 98% of the cooking in our house and comes up with awesome and creative recipes in the Recipe section here and on A Worthey Read!

We have 1 furry friend too (our fourth child) Goku, he’s a little Boston Terrier.

In my spare time (which is scarce), I help run a Mom’s Autism Support Group, part of a scrapbooking club, addicted to Pinterest (come pin with me),  enjoy throwing dinner parties, traveling , decorating and spending time with family and friends. I am also a foodie. I just love food.  Also, I try to read in my spare, spare, spare time. <<<— What’s that?

What makes A Mitten Full of Savings unique?

Initially, I started A Mitten Full Of Savings to share deals and my love for saving money. Over the years, it has grown to:

Easy Recipes- When I cook, I need easy recipes. That’s it. And that’s what you will find here. Easy recipes for dinner, dessert, snacks and more!

Travel- we love to travel. I want to share my travel tips with you so you can do it too!

It’s all about the Mitten– we live in a beautiful State. And even though I could do without Winter, I want to tell you about things to do right here in Mid-Michigan and beyond!

Money Saving Tips- I continue to share my tips and ways to save on money, time, cleaning hacks and more. I’m not frugal where you will see me making my own detergent, but I will tell you how to get a bottle of Tide for super cheap. And not only that, ways to save money, how to spend money wisely, financial planning, and overall sharing our journey.

I love shopping at Meijer! You will see me share deals and ways to save at Meijer. (from time to time, I will share deals from other stores and online as well!)

While I love to save money, I believe in quality over quantity.

You can always feel free to contact me! I am here to help YOU! I am just an email, tweet, or fb message away!


Profile Picture taken by MenDel Glenn with MenDel Glenn Deign & Photography

Family taken by Elaina Lancaster Photography