Current Meijer Catalina Offers

Current Meijer Catalina Offers

Here are the current Meijer Catalina offers that you can take advantage of right now at Meijer!


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Current Meijer Catalina Offers

Not sure how the Catalina system works? Read my post here on——–>>> Meijer Catalina Deals explained!

If you have issues with a Catalina not working, didn’t receive it, etc, be sure to have this number handy to call Catalina – 1- 888-8COUPON or email them at You can also visit their website to register your issue as well HERE.

Have a catalina deal that’s not listed? Leave a comment below and let me know so I can add it (and thank you!)

updated 4/20/2017

Check back for more offers!

Meijer Catalina offers:

Almay Cosmetics Catalina offer (valid till 4/23/17)

  • Buy 2, Get a $3.00 OYNO
  • Buy 3 or more, Get a $5.00 OYNO

Amopé Catalina Offer (Valid 4/30-5/17)

  • Buy 1 Foot File, Get$10 OYNO

Bayer Digestive Health Products (valid 4/17-5/14/17)

  • Buy 2, Get a $2.00 OYNO

*any Miralax, Philips, Alka-Seltzer, & Zegerid OTC products

Butterball Turkey Smoked Sausage Catalina offer (valid 4/17-5/14/17)

  • Buy 2, Get a $1.00 OYNO
  • Buy 3 or more, Get a $1.50 OYNO

Buy $10 or more of TRESemme, Dove, Dove Men + Care & Axe Hair Products, Get a $3.00 OYNO (valid 4/16-4/26/17)

Ice Mountain Water .5 liter 24 packs or larger Offer (valid 4/17-5/14)

  • Buy 2, Get $1.00 OYNO
  • Buy 3, Get $2 OYNO
  • Buy 4 or more, Get $3 OYNO

Johnsonville Rope Sausage Catalina Offer (Valid 4/23-5/13)

  • Buy 2 , Get $2 OYNO

Listerine Catalina offer- Buy $12 or more of Listerine Breath Freshner, Dental Floss or Mouthwash, Get a $4.00 OYNO (valid 4/16-4/26/17)

L’Oreal Paris EVER Items Catalina offer (valid 5/1-6/11/17)

  • Buy 2, Get a $1.50 OYNO
  • Buy 3, Get a $3.00 OYNO
  • Buy 4 or more, Get a $4.50 OYNO

Meijer Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip Offer (valid 4/23-5/20)

  • Buy 2, Get $1.00 Off your next purchase of cottage cheese, sour cream or dip
  • Buy 3 Get $1.50 Off your next purchase of cottage cheese, sour cream or dip
  • Buy 4 or more, Get $2.50 Off your next purchase of cottage cheese, sour cream or dip

Mitchum Antiperspirants Catalina Offer (valid 4/23- 5/13)

  • Buy 2, Get $1.50 OYNO

Morningstar Offer (Valid 4/17-5/14)

  • Buy 3, Get $2 OYNO
  • Buy 4 , Get $3 OYNO
  • Buy 5 or more, Get $4 OYNO

Yoplait  (includes Original, Light,Thick & Creamy, Thick &Creamy Light, Whips, Lactose Free, Dippers and Custard) Catalina Offer (valid 4/17-5/14)

*Excludes Greek 100 Whip

  • Buy 11-15, Get $1.00 OYNO
  • Buy 16-20, Get $1.50 OYNO
  • 21 or more, Get $2 OYNO


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  1. Anyone find out if the Farm Rich catalina is printing at Meijer?

  2. danette says:

    Just wanted to add to the Huggies deal with high value coupons and Catalina’s. I came home from buying and checked my ibotta account. Coupon for $3 off wyb 3 Kimberly Clark items.

  3. There is a Catalina for Nestea Iced Tea .5 Liter 12 Pack bottles (any flavor) between 6/15/15 and 7/12/15:
    Buy 1 Get .75 or Buy 2 get $2 or buy 3 get $3.50 coupon off your next shopping order

  4. Tamera VanHorn says:

    I purchased 2 of the Lever 2000 bar soaps and never got a cat on either so not sure it that is included

  5. Deborah Walleman says:

    Starting 11/8 – 11/28 = buy Meijer’s brand butter or margarine. Buy 2 get $1.00 – Buy 3 get $2.00 – Buy 4 get $3.00 on your next purchase of butter or margarine,

  6. Nicole Margrif says:

    I would buy fruits and meat!

  7. Deb Sinclair says:

    I should have posted this for you last week, but there is a catalina printing wyb any flavor/variety (5 count or larger) Nature Valley Granola Bars OR Nature Valley Backpacker Chewy Oatmeal Bites between 8/8/16 and 9/4/16.
    B3 get $1
    B4 get $2
    B5+ get $3
    coupon off your next shopping order.

  8. I have a catalina print for Scrubbing Bubbles.
    Buy participating Scrubbing Bubbles products between 9/5/16 and 10/2/16.
    B1 get $0.50
    B2 get $1.50
    B3+ get $3.00
    coupon off your next shopping order.
    It doesn’t say what the participating products are, but cans of cleaner (green cap) and foamer (blue cap) are pictured, as well as multi surface spray and toilet gels.

  9. Most probably know this by now, but there is a catalina printng for Simply Ground peanut butter (by Peter Pan).
    Buy one Simply Ground between 8/21-9/17/16 and save $2.50 off your next Meijer purchase.
    Am I posting this info in the correct place?

  10. Buy $12 or more of Listerine Breath Freshener, Dental Floss, or Mouthwash between 10/30/16 – 11/09/16 and save $4.00 on a future shopping trip with coupon.

  11. Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Products Between 11/28/16 and 12/25/16
    B1 get $0.75
    B2 get $1.75
    B3+ get $3.00
    coupon OYNO.
    Toilet cleaning gel is pictured, but there are no exclusions mentioned.

  12. Buy Glade Products Between 11/28/16 and 12/25/16 (excl. solid air freshener and 8 oz room spray)
    B2 get $1.00
    B3 get $2.00
    B4+ get $3.00
    coupon OYNO.

  13. I have another one.
    Buy 2 or more Windex products (excl trial and travel sizes)
    Between 11/28/16 and 12/25/16
    and save $1.50 on a future order with coupon.
    Limited to product in stock.

  14. pepcid, imodiu, or lactain fast act products.
    valid 11/28/16-12/25-16.
    buy1 – get $1, buy 2 – get $4, buy 3 – get $8

  15. Buy Spice Islands spices and herbs
    between 12/4 and 12/31/16
    and save up to $5 OYNO with coupon
    B2 G$2
    B3 G$3.50
    B4+ G$5

    Sorry, I’ve had this since 11/26 and haven’t posted it.

  16. Buy Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread (7 oz or larger, any variety) – tubs are pictured.
    Between 12/30/16 and 1/26/17
    B2 get $1.00
    B3 get $1.50
    B4+ get $2.00
    coupon OYNO
    Not valid in CA, CO, LA, NV, TN

  17. Buy Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Products (excl 8 fl oz single serve bottles)
    Between 12/26/16 and 1/22/17
    B2 get $1.00
    B3 get $2.00
    B4+ get $3.00
    coupon OYNO

  18. Buy any PowerBar products (single bars are pictured)
    Between 12/26/16 and 1/22/17
    B6-9 get $1.50
    B10-14 get $2.50
    B15+ get $3.50
    coupon OYNO

  19. Buy Chef Boyardee products
    Between 1/1/17 and 1/28/17
    B4-6 get $1.00
    B7-9 get $2.00
    B10+ get $3.00
    coupon OYNO

  20. Spend $25 or more on Kimberly-Clark paper products
    Between 1/1/17 and 2/23/17
    and save $5.00
    coupon OYNO
    All items must be purchased in one order
    Incl Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott, Viva Brands

    • I’ve seen various places where the expiration date on this is said to be earlier (like 2/18), but the print I have does indicate that it is through 2/23. I received it at store 226, which I think is Rockford.

      • Me too! I usually will try it to see if the Catalina prints after the date Meijer has on their tags, unless it’s a Meijer catalina. Usually Catalinas will end on a Monday (the national ones).

  21. Buy Glade Products Between 2/20/17 and 3/19/17 (excl. solid air freshener and 8 oz room spray)
    B2 get $1.00
    B3 get $2.00
    B4+ get $3.00
    coupon OYNO.

    I got the very same print at Walgreens.


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